Welcome To My Couch

couch talks collageCouch Talks, Wisdom & A Cup of Joe was inspired by the warm conversations I used to have with my parents on their living room couch.  It became somewhat of a routine for us to brew up some coffee and just sit around the couch talking about everything.  There, on those comfy cushions, I would get advice about dating and friendships. I would receive support and love as I shared my dreams and talked about my fears. Some days I would even get a bit of tough love and some harsh reality checks about myself.  All in all, my parents’ couch became the place where I cried many tears, shared many laughs and received great wisdom about life and how to become a better person. This blog is my humble attempt at recreating that atmosphere and experience for you.

Here on Couch Talks I write about life and all its many facets.  Every post written is weaved with experiences from my own life and I hope that you will find something inspiring to take away with you.  I want this blog to feel like home for you, so get yourself a nice hot cup of Joe and have a seat anywhere on my cyber couch. You and I are going to talk about life!


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