Welcome To My Couch

Hello there!  


Welcome to my blog!  I’m Manessah B., the author of this site, and I will be sharing with you some little gems that I have discovered on, as well as under, the cushions of my life’s couch.  So, come in and have a seat on my cyber sofa.  Get comfy and pour yourself a nice, hot cup of Joe, because we are going to talk about life!

To make navigating through my blog a bit easier for you, I’ve explained below what the available menu options are.  If you would like to know the story behind how this blog was created, or a little bit more about the author, please feel free to check out these posts:


 The Blogger Recognition Award

The Liebster Award


  • WELCOME TO MY COUCHThe homepage for this blog. (This is the page you are currently viewing).
  • COUCH TALKSThis menu links to my Couch Talks posts.  These posts are my way of establishing a meaningful connection with the readers and giving back to the WordPress community.  Any updates, fun blog discussions and cool activities will be found here.
  • MY POETRYThrough this menu, you can access all of my poetry.
  • THOUGHTS ON LIFE  Here you will find my thoughts on life.
  • MY PERSONAL QUOTES  This menu option will link you to my personal quotes.
  • AWARDS & TAGS  This is where you can access the awards I’ve been nominated for, as well as fun challenges I’ve been tagged in by other bloggers.
  • BLOG  This is the entire collection of all of my posts.


I want you to feel like you are at home on my blog, so come as you are — No masks, no filters.  Here on my little cyber couch, you are always welcome to sit. I hope you can find some inspirational treasures, while keeping me company here.  Enjoy yourself, but try not to spill any coffee on the cushions. 😜 


Much love to you!


Manessah B.

Couch Talks, Wisdom & A Cup of Joe