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Reflexology of Your Heart


Please come in.
Get comfortable.
There is no need to feel bashful.
I’ve had many cases like you before.
Most complain of a heart that is sore,
so they come to me to ease their pain.
Hoping they can feel love again.

Is that why you came to me?
You can’t get your love to flow?

If so,
I will be your reflexologist
and I will be massaging the points of your heart
that are bruised,

To start,
you will need to remove your guards.
I need to have access to your beautiful heart —
one not covered in pseudo strength,
or hidden behind walls to hide vulnerability.
When I work on you, I need you to be
completely naked and open with me.

Relax and let me work my magic,
as I place my fingers on the top of your heart.
Allow me to release the tension
left from a heartbreak you refuse to mention.
I’m gliding my thumbs down,
until I reach the center.
I feel so much scarring on this point.
This was the place love once entered…

Does it hurt you when I press here?

Down, down to the bottom of your heart
I’ll massage this point, until you can feel again.
You complained of numbness,
a heart that has grown cold.
So, I will focus on this point,
until I leave you breathless.

When I press here, do you feel something?

Do you feel your heart coming to life?
When I massage this particular point,
do you feel your love moving inside?
Let me work on all the parts
of your aching heart that need mending.
Fore when I am done giving this massage,
I promise you will love again.


Manessah B.

Couch Talks, Wisdom & A Cup of Joe



* Image courtesy of Pexels


25 thoughts on “Reflexology of Your Heart”

      1. Haha!!!

        Ahm… wait.. wait… Dang it! I studied all night for this one! GOT IT!

        “Calling it …. like I see it!” Yes! That has to be it! If it’s anything else, I have failed miserably! LOL


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