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Talk Sex

Dirty talk stimulates my inner beast,
but leaves me without inner peace.
Intellectually frustrated.
In need of a soulful fix.
You rise, but emotionally
I reach no peak.

Satisfied physically —
Mentally, I fake it.
Was it good?
Yeah, for you.
But my heart is seeking more.
You say you go deep…
Is this what I’ve been waiting for?

Is this the extent of your conversation?
Oh yeah, baby! Say my name?
Where’s the depth that you promised
when you’re talking to me?

I need someone that makes me go deeper
mentally, emotionally, soulfully.
Someone that turns me on
without stripping off his clothes.
I need someone that takes my mind to a whole other level.
Makes me feel as if it’s traveling
into another dimension.
Leaves me feeling as if they just made love
to the deepest parts of my soul.
Yeah, you’re good at talking sex,
but I need your intellect
because I’m all about being satisfied wholly.
Not just physically.
Don’t just open the legs,
but open my heart and mind.
Don’t just say my name when we make love,
but speak with substance as you speak of love.
I need more than sex to keep me smiling.
I need to be touched in places that cannot be seen.
Yeah, talk sex all you want, baby…
But, eventually, even that will bore me.


Manessah B.

Couch Talks, Wisdom & A Cup of Joe


24 thoughts on “Talk Sex”

    1. Yeah I agree. A lot of people are all talk but when they are forced to play their hand, they come up short. Come with substance, or go home. Be ready for what you say you’re going to bring and don’t waste time.

      Thank you for the kind compliment, Andrew. Always appreciate it.


  1. This is so true and is something I’ve thought about often. It made me realize communication is vital and getting to know the person not just from a physical level but emotionally and mentally as well. Thank you for this wonderful piece Brandi.

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    1. I’m so glad that you appreciate the message in this post, Hasan. I agree. Being able to communicate with someone on a much deeper level than the physical is vital. There’s so much more to life than the physical and I think so many people think that because they connect physically, that it is enough. Connecting through the heart and mind are just as important as connecting through the body, at least in my opinion.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful response and for taking the time to share your thoughts with me, Hasan. I really do appreciate your words.

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  2. Brilliantly written, and so true. Sex and physical attraction just aren’t enough to fulfil us. We need to be breath taken by someone’s wisdom or passion. By their intelligence. By their kindness perhaps. Beautifully put ❤

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    1. Exactly! That’s exactly the point I was trying to make with this poem. It takes more than the physical to make a person fully happy. To connect beyond that is a beautiful thing. ☺️

      Thank you so very much for your very kind compliment, Pixie! I really do appreciate you taking the time to read and share your beautiful thoughts with me! 💚

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  3. wow


    So we have both followed beauty to find depth.

    You won’t know or shouldn’t believe this yet, but I think this post is profound, I know what you are saying and can’t believe I’m hearing it.

    More later is their is God or good in the universe.

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