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A Badass Chick




You try so hard to be a badass chick,
but you’re not.
You’re not.
So take that pyrite crown off of your head.
It ain’t hot.
It ain’t hot.

Showing your derrière won’t get you there.
Giving peep shows for the boys to go “Whoa!”

will only get you that label, you know…
Flip your calculator upside down, type

You think being badass means disrespect,
but a true badass chick demands respect.
Don’t have to advertise for attention.
Men think of strength when her name is mentioned.

She will never throw shade, never ditch grace.
Whatever she feels she’ll say to your face.
Her walk speaks confidence with so much class
and she knows her worth’s not found on her ass,
in her sex,
in her thighs.
Does that come as a surprise?

A badass chick is not talk, but action.
Lets no one minimize her to fractions.
She is whole.
In control
with her emotions in check.
Can rock that leather with pearls ‘round her neck.

You try so hard to be that badass chick,
but being badass ain’t making men bricks.
You wanna be a badass? Get some pride
‘cause how you’re acting, girl’s not dignified.

Signature Manessah B



* Image courtesy of Google


46 thoughts on “A Badass Chick”

  1. Your poem packed so much punch and much more.

    I believe that confidence must co-exist with humbleness.
    Having that balance does bring about the badass in them
    and still be respected.

    I hope I interpret this one correctly.

    You are a bright talent and filled with soul and heart. 🙂

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    1. Your words truly humble me, Charlie! Thank you and yes, you interpreted this poem perfectly! When I was coming up, especially in high school, there were girls I knew who would consider themselves “badass” because they were going around being mean to people and starting a lot of drama. There was no humility and no respect. I wanted to write this poem as a way of showing that “badass” can have a different and positive meaning, without losing the respect, humility and grace. I’m so happy you could appreciate the message in this poem, my friend.

      Your words are so kind and I thank you so much for them, Charlie! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and share your wonderful thoughts, my friend. 🙂

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      1. I remember high school. Crazy times.

        I will say this…its rare for that one person to be humble towards others. Take for example: keanu reeves he’s a respected actor and human in Hollywood and his humble and will go out of his way to talk to anyone. Unlike those Hollywood elites who come off as ‘respect me but don’t talk to me’. It’s somewhat like that in what our conversation to your work translates.

        I hope I’m making sense?

        Either way, stay humble and you shall receive great respect among people.

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      2. Oh you make total sense, Charlie. I’ve heard stories of some celebs not wanting to even be hugged or touched by their fans. They want their money, their support and loyalty, yet can’t even give a little hug or spare time to talk to the people who look up to them. It’s really sad and I don’t think that a person’s line of work or prestige gives them the right to look down on others like that. You’re so on point with your observation. It is a rare thing to see.

        I do my best to try to stay that way. It’s actually a fear of mine. I don’t want to get too high in the clouds and forget about the ground beneath me. You seem to have your head on straight, Charlie. Stay on that path, my friend.

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      3. The only reason I know about the whole Celebritism is because I live in L.A. and Hollywood is one door next.

        It’s a crazy place here I try to stay as far away from that whole scene as possible.

        Staying humble is the best way to go about. Or a balance at most. 🙂

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  2. This packed a punch Lady B. Hope the person it was meant for reads it and gets the point.
    You do know how to write with power. Not many can do that as successfully as you.

    I am curious how your musical side may have influenced this piece, because the verse makes for perfect lyrics to a song. I could hear the bass and see the scantily clad protagonist witha short skirt ripped hose taking selfies in a full length mirror.

    Just a little aside note, showing off her derrière works for me. But then again, that may explain why I am the Lonely Author’.

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    1. Okay, before I answer the rest of your comment … you are not Lonely Author because you like derrières… (can you tell I’m trying to be nice here? Lol J/K)

      I’m very humbled that you could appreciate this poem, Sir A, and so grateful for your compliment. Your words really mean a lot.

      Music greatly influences what I write on here. I’m always listening to music when I write a majority of my poems, so I can put myself in the zone. Some nights it’s just quiet. I actually rap, too (a skill I rarely share publicly), so that’s probably why this poem comes off that way. haha! Love how you see a video for this!

      As always, your words brighten my day, Sir A. Thank you, again for the very kind words. Hope you’re doing awesome, my friend.

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      1. LOL
        Seriously, I could hear and see this as a song. So I shouldn’t be surprised by the way music touches and inspires you.

        Music doesn the same for me. Everyone is always asking me about that muse and how I write these love poems – it’s all music.

        Keep on keeping on (very old musical reference) your talent always amazes me.

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      2. Music’s been my love ever since I was 3 years old. I always joke and say if it were a man, I’d be happily married to him. Lol. That means a lot you can see this as a song. You must have that eye for seeing music in things. You should write a song one day. I think that would be cool. You have the gift of words, Sir A.

        Ah, so you stole my muse! Oh the agony! Lol. Music is such a beautiful muse and I think you should keep that muse close to your heart. She serves you well.

        When you said keep on keeping on, I heard “Keep on trucking, baby”. I can’t think of the name of the song right now, but it’s definitely old school.

        I’m humbled my talent amazes you. Your talent amazes me, too. 🙂 There are a few people that write with heart and evoke emotions out of me, and you’re one of them. Keep doing what you’re doing, Sir A.

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      3. Keep on keeping on comes from the 70s. Basically it means to PERSIST. Something I hope you do with your singing and creative talent. There is no telling how far you can go.

        Don’t know the song or singer either. But I know the message. Don’t ever let things gert you down. Forget about America, YOU have talent.

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      4. I will persist, until I don’t have any air in my lungs, Sir A. That’s a promise.

        Eddie Kendricks… that’s who sung that song.

        Seriously, Sir A… thank you so much for being so supportive of my dreams. You are such a good person and an even greater friend. I hope you take your own advice, because you have potential beyond measure. Don’t give up on your dreams, either.

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  3. It seems to me, there are a whole lot of people, Brandi, who should take your poem to heart. Always have been, always will be, for that matter. I was reading Edmund Burke last night. 250 years ago, he was thinking a bit along the same lines as you, “Rudeness is a weak man’s imitation of strength.”

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    1. Paul, that quote is so, so true! And it’s the essence of what this poem is all about. We don’t have to be disrespectful to be seen as strong and we don’t have to minimize our worth to get respect. I’m so happy you appreciated the message in this poem. I really wanted to send a positive message out with this that being “badass” can be something positive, something to smile about, without having to lose an ounce of dignity.

      I always appreciate your thoughts, Paul, and I’m humbled by your kind words, my friend! Thank you so, so much!


  4. Badass with integrity – it’s the best of both worlds really. Such powerful words, I agree with lonely author, reads like a rap. I would love to hear you rap!! You go, you gracious, humble, lovely badass chick, keep going with the lyr-ics. Love it ❤️🧡

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    1. LOL!!!!
      You have me laughing so hard over here! I just might bust my spleen (I don’t even know if I still have a spleen, since a majority of my digestive tract is gone, but hey… I can pretend, right? LOL) 😂

      You are so sweet, R and I can’t thank you enough for your kind words. I guess it’s settled then. It’s a rap! (no pun intended) Lol.

      You are the best! 💚💙

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  5. Oh, this laughter is the best response ever!!! Don’t bust what’s left of your digestuve tract though! There really is no limit to your strength is there, all that you’ve been through…

    What i would give to hear you rap! 💜🧡

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  6. You’ve done a great job describing me, 😂 😂! This was superb. It does challenge women to examine how a real woman should be.
    “You think being badass means disrespect,
    but a true badass chick demands respect.” Grace, humility, kindness, confidence, best combination. That’s a woman you want in your life.

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    1. LOL! Omg, I just wrote that in my reply to you that you were describing yourself! hahahah!!! Great minds think alike, huh? LOL!!! 😂😂

      I’m so glad you can appreciate this poem, my dear friend. I totally wanted to give this a different perspective and I’m glad that it came across in a positive way. Your words mean so much to me, Tiffany and I’m so happy you enjoyed this poem! Bless you, my dear friend!

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